If you want the most charismatic character of the food world, the humble yet alluring oyster, to rock your world, step up and join the #oysterrevolution.

Book Katy Davidson, AKA The Oyster Lady for exclusive Ostrelier Masterclasses, Collaborations for your brand promotion, Events, Weddings, Food Festivals, Specialist Catering, Workshops and Media Engagements.

Or keep an eye on our curated events such as London Oyster Week, where you can join us in a lifelong celebration of oysters.

Katy has immersed herself in every type of oyster culture there is over the past three decades, her knowledge, skill, advocacy work and passion is hard matched in its breadth and longevity.

She will add passion, integrity and a whole lot of #oysterlove to any partnership or engagement

Katy hosting an Ostrelier Masterclass during London Oyster Week at Bocconcino in Mayfair  Pic by  Brahma Studios .

Katy hosting an Ostrelier Masterclass during London Oyster Week at Bocconcino in Mayfair
Pic by Brahma Studios.

Hi Katy,

Firstly, I wanted to write to say once more how brilliant last night was. I learnt so much, and had a tremendous time while doing it - not only your knowledge but the way you convey it to people is just so impressive, it’s hard for me to express.

Pete was THRILLED about the goodie bag, and possibly even more so with my new shucking prowess! And then we watched your section on Sunday Brunch together. In his words, you look like you’ve been doing this gig (i.e. live telly) for years - so calm, clear and confident.

I’m sure you’ve a million things to be doing this week rather than reading emails, but I really wanted you to know how impressed I am. Hope the rest of the week goes brilliantly.
— Emily S. Guest at Ostrelier Masterclass LOW 2018
Oyster Anticipation at Roz’s Wedding!

Oyster Anticipation at Roz’s Wedding!

We wanted an oyster shucker at our family wedding to serve our guests as they sipped champagne before the dinner. The Marshall family, our local oyster farmers in Cornwall, recommended Katy Davidson and it turned out to be a wonderful recommendation. She arrived with all the kit: buckets for the oysters and their empty shells, an impressive knife which she handled deftly, lemon juice and pepper sauce - all worn around her waist. Her T-shirt displaying “Shuckerette” added to the fun. Katy served over 150 oysters, chatted to our guests and shared her considerable knowledge about oysters with those who asked her questions. Forget about magicians circulating among your guests. They’re good...but Katy and her oysters are much better!
— Nigel Kennedy for Roz's Dinham House Wedding