This website is designed to give you an insight in to oyster culture in a similar way to that of wine.  Katy will continually update with new Oyster Appellations as samples arrive and share oyster adventures, news and recipes on the blog. You can also see her upcoming events.

Why Oysters?

Because oysters are....

1. One of the most ethical foods you can eat- even some vegans eat them.

2. They make you happy - they contain a natural source of Dopamine

3. They are highly nutritious - liver and steak can't come close to their zinc content

4. They are eco-engineers - Oysters create habitat for hundreds of other species

5. They are eco-heroes - Natural oyster reefs protect coasts from erosion and storm surge and extract Nitrogen and Co2 from the atmosphere.

6. They are DELICIOUS! 

Enjoy as this site grows with more oyster profiles from the UK and the rest of the world in the Oysters section and regular adventures, news, stories and recipes in Katy's Blog