Carlingford Oysters

The Carlingford Clan

The oyster farm was started by Peter Louet-Feisser on a romantic notion back in 1974 after hearing a broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Peter takes it ‘easy’ now concentrating on meeting customers and developing more innovative ways to grow oysters. The next generation are now following in the footsteps of Peter with Kian his son and Charm his daughter building on the that romantic notion from 1974. It really is a family affair now with Kian’s wife Mary involved with management of the farm and Charms partner Gary an integral part of the team also. With all this family expertise and passion the Carlingford Oysters Company has really progressed in recent years and now has the ability to purify oysters in a new state of the art purification facility. This allows the oysters to be packed directly to restaurants and customers from the shores of Carlingford Lough preserving all the flavour and freshness.


This is the location of Carlingford Oyster Company.