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World Oyster Society - 7th International Oyster Symposium

I am honoured to share that I have been invited to present at the World Oyster Societies 7th International Oyster Symposium in Bangor Wales on Tuesday 12th September, my presentation is part of the  'Developing New Markets and Products' session.

Below is the abstract for my presentation: Changing Culture - The value and importance of the communication and development of an 'Ostrelier' culture.

"Oyster culture is at varying levels of development, and formaility across the globe and where one country may have terms and practices defined, another may have something entirely different when discussing oysters in their many spheres. The term oyster culture itself may need a final definition.

The problem with this disparate approach is that miscommunication, misunderstanding and missed opportunity for positive forward progress occurs.

This is detrimental throughout the supply chain from farm to table. Creating a formal discipline of oyster culture study and reference will equip stakeholders with the knowledge to share appropriately and correctly with confidence. This formal knowledge and its application will help to increase market share and raise quality and perception of oysters. With its similarity to wine culture, an 'Ostrelier' and Master of Oysters' programme will be a culture changing tool with positive outcomes economically, socially, environmentally and nutritionally."

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